People of different races, sects, religions, ethnicities and colour combine to lay the foundation of a society. This is in accordance to the law of nature and people living in geographical boundaries do have dissimilarities which is perfectly fine because that’s the way a society grows, with diversity. People with different backgrounds interact with each other and make the society a place of harmony, but some evil forces have created a rift between different people in our society, making brother fight brother. There is an air of intolerant prevailing and the magnitude of lack of patience is more evident than ever before as this is making life miserable.

No one shows any flexibility in behaviour and the acceptance of difference of opinion is nowhere to be seen. Some groups are deliberately trying to impose their ideologies and ideas on others. Lack of tolerance may result in target killing, extremism, bomb blasts and terrorism. In order to avoid this existing unrest we should all start accepting difference among ideologies and people. Diversity should be cherished and one should live and let others live. Patience would lead the society to peace and harmony.


Karachi, October 30.