Reading is highly ignored  

The first word of the first “Wahi” for Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was “Iqra” that means “read”. We see people reading nowhere but in libraries of our cities, as compared to other developing nations like, China and the United State Of America that give topmost priority to reading as their governments facilitate their citizens to utilize their time

Recall the barbershops of China where the books are present instead of Wifi for the people waiting for their turn to have their hairs cut. Similarly, developing countries’ buses, bus stops, train stations and airports are always found having libraries or books stall. Their administrations never let their people’s time go wasted.

Prime Minister Imran Khan always compares Pakistan with other developed nations in his speeches. Contrary to expectations, he gives hope to Pakistanis, but tales neither come into implementation nor do dreams come true. BRT Project of Lahore succeeded, but unfortunately, there was no concept of carrying books for travellers.

Readers are the leaders, this quotation stick in this means. The lack of digital libraries in Pakistan has been ignored. In my city, Sukkur, that is the third-largest city of Sindh, has only one digital library for the public. Not to talk of street libraries or other facilities of books, the government did not consider building good libraries which should be the topmost priority of students.

It is the time of modernization; the world is changing slowly and gradually. Automobile system can be seen prospering, but having the desire of education reforms in our country, the government must consider digital libraries to have launched according to areas of students population so that students may join on their study’s accords and for preparation of their tests.



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