‘Daal Chawal’ pays tribute to police martyrs

LAHORE - Film ‘Daal Chawal’ based on the real life events of Punjab police martyrs and department’s sacrifices for the nation is all set to hit cinemas on Friday (today).

The 121-minute feature film is produced by Akbar Nasir Khan and Syed Asad Ali and directed by Awais Khalid. The star cast includes Salman Shahid and Shafqat Cheema alongside fresh faces Ahmed Sufiyan and Momina Iqbal in leading roles.

The title of the film highlights a not-so-hidden aspect of our society, where daal chawal (lentils and rice) is a popular dish among students, policemen and other strata of society because it is a cheaper meal that doesn’t put any burden on one’s pocket.

Punjab Safe Cities Authorities Chief Operating Officer and DIG Police Akbar Nasir Khan is also one of the producers of the film. Talking to The Nation exclusively, he said, “Not all films carry this kind of real content. The message of the film is clear, along with the modern policing being practised in the form of the PSCA, the Punjab police jawans are embracing martyrdom”.

Film to hit cinemas today

Akbar said “A day before the release of the film a constable Sajid Nasir was martyred in Kahna while fighting robbers.”

Choosing the big screen for spreading the message was rightly justified because in Pakistan where films are being produced on other topics, such real-life topic should also need to get space in cinemas.

According to police database, 1,492 police officers and jawans had embraced martyrdom protecting the lives and property of the public. Although each year on August 4 nation commemorates Police Martyrs Day which is the death anniversary of Frontier Constabulary Inspector General Safwat Ghayyur who was martyred in a suicide attack in 2010, but a film dedicated to this topic will help highlight stories of martyrs’ families.

“It is complete family film with a focus on to convey only one message to our youth that modern policing is very much practice in our country and these ordinary policemen will leave no stone unearth in protecting and defending the country,” Akbar Nasir Khan said. 

The premier of the film was held in a local cinema yesterday in which families of the Punjab police martyrs participated. Daal Chawal was filmed mostly on actual locations in Lahore. 

Akbar says police is not only fighting against crime, but against all kinds of pressure with limited resources.

“Safe Cities Project was started in 2016. The new Punjab Chief Minister also put specially supported in our project that focuses on improving public safety and security in Punjab with technology high end and youth employment,” he said. 

Commenting on the Police reforms, “Whatever the reforms may be, it must address the basics and the lowest denominator, the people, how they are getting benefits out of it”.

Akbar was of the view that Daal Chawal will leave a question in viewers mind that for the last 40 years policemen have been lying their lives in the line of duty and their families need nations’ attention too.


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