A few moons ago, the monster flood made its way to Sindh and played unprecedented havoc. Dadu district is at the top list of the most affected districts by the virtue of floods which brought nothing but misery and devastation. The city has suffered an unparalleled catastrophe in its entire history. 

According to a report, around 600 to 700 villages have been affected by the scourge of the flood. The flood left nothing but ruin, only the city is safe where all the masses of the entire district from Johi, Mehar and Khairpur Nathan Shah, the tehsils of the district, have taken refugees. KN shah has turned into the lake due to the floodwater.

But now the dire threats of submergence of Dadu City have emerged from Manchar lake, the largest natural fresh water lake of Pakistan, and Main Nara Valley Drain (MNVD). The water level has surged and reached the level where only hazards are visible. The water pressure is skyrocketing at a stretch, according to the irrigation officials, today on September 6, the water level in Manchar lake was recorded at 123-foot and 124foot is narrated as dangerous. 

The higher the pressure soars, the sooner the hazards increase. Meanwhile, in the presence of the dreadful dangers, the burning issue is that the authorities are not willing to breach the dikes of Manchur lake in order to overcome the water pressure otherwise it doesn’t bode well for the city.

Why are the authorities not willing to do so? Is it not ensuing owing to their mutual benefits? If yes, what kind of humanity it is? What kind of Muslims are we? On the one side, all the species are struggling including humans and animals for their lives and almost 1300 people have perished, the people belonging to other religions are providing aid to the victims, but on the other, our own Muslim brothers are rubbing the pinch of salt on people’s wounds.

The population of Dadu is above 1.6m, the flood victims have taken refuge from the far-flung zones in the city. If water paves the way into the city, it will perish the lives and catastrophize everything. The government authorities must hold their horses to save the city before it is too late.