At least 255 more dengue fever cases were reported in Karachi in the last 24 hours, the Sindh health department data showed on Monday.

According to the provincial health department report, so far 36 people had their lives due to the vector-borne infection in the mega city.

The majority number of cases in Karachi have been reported in district East, where 78 patients have been infected by the virus during the past 24 hours.

District Korangi reported 29 cases, Central 55, Malir 26, South 39, Keamari 7 and District West reported 12 cases.

Karachi has been witnessing one of the worst dengue outbreaks in its history this year following unprecedented rains during the monsoon season.

Meanwhile, change in weather has decreased the number of dengue cases in Islamabad.

According to the statistics provided by the DHO Islamabad, 44 dengue cases have been reported in the federal capital.

The DHO further said, the federal capital has so far reported 2,552 cases of dengue and six deaths.