KARACHI-The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) seized a huge quantity of drugs and arrested 12 drug peddlers in separate actions. 

Addressing a news conference at the PMSA headquarters, Deputy Director General PMSA Commodore Amir Iqbal Khan on Monday said the PMSA and Customs in an intelligence based counter narcotics operation on September 27, thwarted the smuggling of narcotics. 

The PMSA after receiving the information deployed its ships and small crafts. During patrolling the PMSA ship noticed a suspicious boat. When the PMSA ship attempted to approach the said suspicious boat, it tried to escape, however, it was successfully intercepted. 

To avoid legal action, the crew set the boat ablaze and jumped in the sea. PMSA ship prioritised saving lives and all crew members of the boat were rescued promptly. Despite smugglers attempt to destroy the evidence by sinking the boat, PMSA unit was able to recover drugs thrown in the sea and apprehended the culprits.

During the operation, eight smugglers along with approximately 15kg of crystal ice was recovered, whereas, approximately 1,000kg of crystal ice was sunk with the boat. The value of these narcotics in international market was estimated to be Rs45 million and Rs12.96 billion, respectively. The seized narcotics have been handed over to Pakistan Customs for further legal proceedings.

In another action in South of Gwadar, a PMSA ship intercepted a suspicious boat at high seas within exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Pakistan. During the search of boat, 28kg of hashish was recovered from its hidden cavities. The PMSA team apprehended four crew members along with the boat. The value of recovered narcotics was estimated to be Rs4 million.