ISLAMABAD    -   Islamabad High Court (IHC) Monday withdrew the contempt of court case against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan. 

A five-judge bench headed by Chief Jus­tice Athar Minallah an­nounced the verdict, unanimously discharg­ing its show-cause no­tice issued to Imran Khan for threatening an Additional Sessions Judge of Islamabad.

The larger bench comprising Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, Justice Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb, Justice Babar Sattar and Jus­tice Tariq Mehmood Je­hangri conducted hear­ing of the contempt case against Imran and expressed its satisfac­tion over conduct of the Chairman PTI and affi­davit submitted by him.

During the hearing, Imran appeared before the bench and his coun­sel told the court that Khan’s affidavit in this regard had been sub­mitted to the court. At this, Justice Athar said that they had read the affidavit and asked that is there anything else you would like to add? He added that prima fa­cie, this was a contempt of court case but it was being dismissed due to Imran’s conduct.

The IHC Chief Justice further said that they take a lot of care in con­tempt of court cases. However, he said that the IHC was dismissing the notice issued to Im­ran effectively ending contempt proceedings against the PTI chief. He also remarked that this is the unanimous deci­sion of the larger bench.

But, an additional at­torney general opposed the court’s decision to dismiss the show-cause notice issued to Imran as he mentioned the cases involving Nehal Hashmi, Daniyal Aziz and Talal Chaudhry.

Justice Athar asked from him that are you saying that you support the judgments in these cases. He then, told the AAG to submit a written copy of his reservations in court. The judge said that the concerns raised by AAG would be included in the written 

judgment. The IHC CJ said that this is the unanimous decision of the larger bench and an­nounced that the con­tempt of court notice stands discharged.

Last week, Imran Khan had submitted an affidavit to the court and assured that he would never do any­thing in the future that would hurt the digni­ty of any court and the judiciary, especially the lower judiciary. He had stated that he would fully follow what he had said before the court on the last hearing.

In this regard, Imran had also appeared before the court of Addition­al District and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry to personally apologise her but she was not present there at the time.

APP ads: The law­yer informed the court that his client had sub­mitted affidavit in com­pliance of the court or­ders. At the outset of hearing, the chief jus­tice IHC remarked that the court had viewed the affidavit. Imran Khan had proved his positive intention by visiting the additional session court in order to render formal apolo­gy to the lady judge.

Justice Athar Minal­lah said that the larger bench had unanimously decided to discharge the contempt of court case as the bench was satis­fied with the conduct of Imran Khan. 

Additional Attorney General Aamir Reh­man raised objection on discharging of the case and said that PTI’s chairman had not ren­dered uncondition­al apology in his affi­davit. The court asked the AAG to submit his objections in written form so that it may be made as part of the de­tailed order, and termi­nated the notice. 

In previous hear­ing, PTI’s chief had as­sured the bench that he wouldn’t do such act in future. He stated that he was apologetic for his remarks about the fe­male judge. The court, however, had instructed him to file written affi­davit with regard to his statement.