I am writing this letter to make the higher authorities aware of the layman’s suffering. The top­ic is known to everyone, and it is the burning question between the government and the people: infla­tion. Inflation has been increasing day by day; prices are getting high­er and higher, but salaries remain the same as before. The poor are becoming poorer. The price of gas­oline has been increasing for the past few days. 

Middle-class people are facing huge problems buying groceries. Education fees have risen, and it is gradually becoming impossible for white-collar people to educate their children. People are jobless, which is leading to suicide at­tempts. The children of poor peo­ple have become victims of inferi­ority complexes. Every common man is suffering due to this con­tinuous increase in the prices of daily commodities. The fares of autos and cabs have increased due to the increase in the price of gas­oline, making it difficult for people to travel as well.

Now it’s high time that the au­thorities take some responsibili­ty for the poor ones; their people need them. This inflation should be controlled, or else it will de­stroy us, or we will face a huge loss of some impulsive adults.