Sir Syed Varsity providing students high-quality education: VC

KARACHI-Centre for Guidance, Career Planning and Placement of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology organised the new student orientation to welcome new students to the university and help them acclimate to their new university environment.
The 3-day event had a series of transition seminars that provided new students with necessary information about the university’s rules and regulations, its academic programs, its student life, and so on. It was an overwhelming experience for the students seeking guidance and their parents. Expressing his views on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Vali Uddin, said that making a difference among the universities in the academic sector, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology gives students the high-quality education, values, and career skills they need to lead in their field of interest. Sir Syed University is an ideological university that was established on the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who was the great proponent of scientific education. It would be an exciting experience for you to join the students of previous batches who not only believe that anything is possible but also prove it. Believe me, you have the ability to change the world with your innovative ideas and research endeavors.
Registrar SSUET, Cdr. (r) Syed Sarfraz Ali reminded students of their responsibilities with stress on the elements of punctuality, proper dressing, and good behavior. He said that by focusing on character building, Sir Syed University prepares and grooms students in a way to become tomorrow’s leaders. The university gives equal importance to co-curricular activities and we are also organizing as Host the grand sports events for the Higher Education Commission.
Addressing the new batch of students, the Dean, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prof Dr Muhammad Aamir, said that as a Dean it is my responsibility to ensure quality education. We follow Object Based Education because OBE is student-centric education, giving priority to ends, purpose, accomplishments, and results. He advised students to focus on 3 things – Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude. Dean Faculty of Computing & Applied Sciences, Prof Dr Muhammad Asif, said that Sir Syed University carries the name of the great visionary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and it provides quality education to the students and prepares them to face the challenges of life.
The orientation day gives an opportunity to enlighten the students about the university rules and regulations and other related matters. Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Prof Dr Mir Shabbar Ali said that the universities have a unique capacity to develop skills and foster knowledge, and the potential to mobilize educational resources and provide learning opportunities for diverse populations.
Orientation provides you the guidance to keep yourself abreast with the fundamental shift, from secondary schools to higher education.
Addressing the Orientation Session, Convenor of the Centre for Guidance, Career Planning, and Placement, Siraj Khilji, said that the Orientation program provides an opportunity to discuss the rights and responsibilities of students and their parents as they move through the higher education process. We empower our students to lead in various roles. We strive to make all of our programs accessible and enjoyable for the campus community. In addition to learning new information, students obtain an opportunity to meet many new people. Prof Dr Shakeel, Dr Imran, Dr Nasim, Dr. Ammad ul Haq, Dr. Waleej Haider, Dr Tauseef Mubin, Dr Sidra Abid Syed, Dr. Sumbal, President SSUET Alumni, Asadullah Chaudhry and others also spoke on the occasion. Graduates from SSUET also shared their experiences.

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