BELFAST (AFP) - The IRA's military wing is no longer operational and serves no purpose in Northern Ireland, a report from an independent monitoring body said Wednesday. Northern Ireland Minister Shaun Woodward said, "This groundbreaking report by the IMC (Independent Monitoring Commission) makes clear that the Army Council is now redundant. "The Army Council is no longer operational or functional." Woodward said the report by the body, which oversees paramilitary activity in the British province, concludes that the Irish Republican Army (IRA) "has completely relinquished the leadership and other structures appropriate to a time of armed conflict". The IMC made clear in its report that "what matters is that the armed conflict is completely over and the leadership structures have definitely ceased to function in the way they did during the time of conflict". The report, commissioned by the British and Irish governments, comes at a time of tension in the power-sharing government of Catholic Sinn Fein - the IRA's political wing - and the Protestant unionist DUP. DUP leader Peter Robinson has said he will refuse to meet republican demands for the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly until the IRA Army Council "disbands". The IMC report said it was "aware of the questions posed about the public disbandment of (Provisional Irish Republican Army's) PIRA's leadership structures". It added, "We believe that the PIRA has chosen another method of bringing what it describes as its armed struggle to a final close." The report said the IRA had allowed the army council to "fall into disuse", although it did not use the term "disband". The IRA conducted a three-decade campaign of bombings and shootings during the so-called Troubles between Catholics and Protestants. The landmark 1998 Good Friday peace agreement ended most violence in Northern Ireland and self-rule in the British province resumed last year after a landmark accord between the DUP and Sinn Fein.