Plight of the poor

A political party that loses credibility also loses faith of its constituency. People of Pakistan, from Gwadar to Khyber, are fed up today with the parties in power. They are frustrated by barbarities of power being committed against them every day, with no recourse to accountability simply because there is no independent judiciary. For too long, Waderas, Sardars and tribal chiefs have exploited our poor rural folk that form the vast majority of this country. From forced labour to rape of their women to land grabbing, every crime has been committed against them and has gone unpunished because our rulers are insensitive to the plight of the poor. Even in these circumstances, the common people of Pakistan have faith in Chief Justice Iftikhar and his judiciary that they will provide relief to the masses. If this last oasis of hope was sunk by the politicians, or the establishment, the people will lose all faith in this country. The PPP needs to get out and feel the pulse of the nation. They demand justice against excesses. Time is running out for this nation. -NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, via e-mail, August 22.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt