KARACHI (APP) - Advisor to Prime Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik has said that suicide bombing have declined by almost 98 per cent in Sindh and Punjab  due to the  steps taken by the present government. He stated this when a reporter at his media briefing at Governor House here Wednesday said that when law and order in Karachi has been controlled why it cannot be controlled in Islamabad where even an attack is made on Prime Minister's convoy. Rehman Malik said crime can occur anywhere and in this regard he particularly cited the example of USA where law and order was much better than other places but it was also there that Kennedy and Reagan were attacked. He said except a few incidents like the one at Wah, the suicide bombing in NWFP has declined by 80 per cent. The Advisor said the Prime Minister's three- pronged  policy is in front of us which envisages dialogue with non-militants, undertaking development projects and use of force as a last resort which the government had to make in Bajaur as there was no other option. He added, one could see the results that for the first time the militants are asking for ceasefire which the government denied. He said the ongoing military operation was "suspended" only in reverence to the holy month of Ramazan. Rehman Malik said despite our best efforts the government cannot provide the comfort of home to half a million displaced persons from Bajaur. He said he has visited Peshawar and other camps of displaced persons and they were asking as to when they will return to their homes. He informed that out of 300,000  displaced persons in camps, 160,000 have returned to their homes and more whose houses have not been badly damaged will also return. The Advisor spoke about Asif Zardari's strategy adopted in Balochistan, and said due to the action taken and political dialogue adopted, even BLA has postponed its activities. "We welcome them and even if these are Bugtis, Mazaris or Marris, they are all  part of the country and we want all of them to work together". He said the consensus of PPP and the coalition partners is that Pakistan's survival is, in working together and in unity and this unity, in the coming days, will also be seen in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and NWFP. Regarding casualties in Angoor Adda, the Advisor said he had received information about it while he was leaving for Karachi and he does not know exactly what happened. He said it will be investigated and as soon as the report is received the same will be made public. He told a questioner that threat exists to VIPs because  in the phase through which the country is passing, we are at fight with extremists and militants. These are not new threats but very old ones and even our Chairperson Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was made a target and measures have been taken for protection of VIPs.