We mustn’t get annoyed if the Saudis are willing to either deepen or enhance their commercial ties with India or for that matter, the UAE willing to take the plunge for a new strategic relationship with Israel; these are the prerogative of these states.

Obviously, ‘international relations’ is not still-waters. It’s never been like that. It’s a phenomenon marked by continuous changes & developments, with nations upgrading and downgrading their ties based on mutual interests, etc.

Having said that, we should pursue the issue of I.I.O.K. as diplomatically and pragmatically as we can, without leaving our key allies in a sudden lurch or tailspin.

Our main allies since the last seven decades are known to be the US, UK, KSA, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, PRC, and Japan.

Therefore, our Foreign Office should conduct its routine diplomacy tactfully, keeping in view both the conservative traditions and the modern leanings of our key allies.