Pakistan have managed to beat India in a last over thriller by 5 wickets as the Green Shirts completed an equation of mammoth 182 runs against Rohit Sharma XI during the Super 4s stage in the 8th match of Asia Cup at Dubai Cricket Stadium on Sunday. PAKISTAN‘S INNINGS First Over Bhuvneshwar Kumar started off to bowl the first over and was welcomed by Mohammad Rizwan with a boundary on first ball. Skipper Babar Azam also got off the mark with a boundary as Kumar in his first over conceeded nine runs. Second Over Skipper Rohit Sharma introduced Arshdeep Singh in second over, who went for three runs. Third Over In the third over, Bhuvneshwar bounced strongly, but in the last ball, Babar hit a boundary as the over went for nine runs. Pakistan reached 19 at this stage. Fourth Over Rohit Sharma cleverly introduced spinner Ravi Bishnoi who dismissed skipper Babar Azam, who scored 14 (10). In his successful over, Bishnoi only conceded three runs as Pakistan reached 22-1, while Fakhar Zaman joined Rizwan . Fifth Over Hardik Pandya came into the attack and welcomed by Rizwan with a four. Moreover, Zaman also opened his account, with a boundary. In the last ball, Rizwan played a delicate shot. This over went on to be expensive for India as the Green Shirts smoked 14 runs in Pandya’s over. At this stage, Pakistan reached 36-1. Sixth Over Arshdeep Singh came in to bowl in the 6th over and was hit for a massive six, clobbered by Rizwan. But, Arshdeep bounced back and conceded merely eight runs. Seventh Over Yuzvendra Chahal, who replaced Jadeja, conceded seven runs in his first over. At this stage, Pakistan reached 51-1 Eighth Over Sharma brought Bishnoi back into the attack, who bowled a ‘tidy’ over, giving away just six runs. Ninth Over Chahal continued to bowl in the ninth over, providing India with a wicket of Zaman who tried to hit over mid wicket, but find Kohli who take a  clean  catch as Zaman scored 15 (18). The new batter, who joined the wicket was Mohammad Nawaz who scored a boundary in the last ball as the over went for 10 runs. Tenth Over Mohammad Nawaz clobbered a six in the tenth over, which was bowled by Hardik Pandya. The over went for nine runs. Pakistan reached 76-2 in 10 overs. Eleventh Over In the 11th over, Chahal conceded 10 runs as Rzwan smashed a massive six. At this Pakistan reached 86/2. Twelfth Over Mohammad Nawaz smoked six off Bishnoi s third over as Pakistan reached 96-2. In this over, Bishnoi conceded 10 runs. Thirteenth Over Arshdeep Singh was back into the attack and conceded 11 runs. This was an eventful over as Rizwan completed his 50 off 37 deliveries. Meanwhile, Nawaz played a ‘lovely’ straight drive. Fourteenth Over Pandya bowled an expensive over as he went for 12 runs. Fifteenth Over Mohammad Nawaz hit two consecutive boundaries in Chahal’s last over, while Rizwan damaged the over with a ‘gutsy’ cut. Yuzvendra Chahal conceded 15 runs. Sixteenth Over Bhuvneshwar utilized his experience and picked up an important wicket of Mohammad Nawaz, who scored 42 (20). He bowled an economical over and just conceded four runs. At this stage, Pakistan, reached 139-3. Seventeenth Over In the seventeenth over, Hardik Pandya came to bowl and conceded nine runs as Rizwan who was looking good and scored a boundary was removed by Pandya on 71 (51). Eighteenth Over In the eighteenth over, Pakistan managed to score six runs in Bishnoi s over. Nineteenth Over In the nineteenth over, Bhuvneshwar conceded one six and two fours as he gave 17 runs. Twentieth Over In the twentieth over, Arshdeep Singh gave seven runs and a wicket during which Pakistan clinched a fabolous victory. -INDIA’S INNINGS- First Over In the first over, KL Rahul started proceedings for India and Naseem Shah came to bowl. In the second ball KL Rahul off the mark and in the third ball Naseem Shah bowled absolute beauty to Indian skipper Rohit Sharma but Sharma smoked four in the next delivery. In the last ball Sharma clobbered six. India scored 11 runs in Naseem Shah’s first over. Second Over  Mohammad Hasnain conceeded nine runs in his first over. India on this moment scored 20 runs in two overs. Third Over Naseem continued in the third over but was hit for a six on two occasions by KL Rahul as India continued to ensure things going in right direction. In this over, India scored 14 runs. Shah in his two overs on this stage conceded 25 runs. Fourth Over Haris Rauf replaced Mohammad Hasnain, but was welcomed by skipper Sharma with four and a six. As in his first over, Haris went for 12 runs. Fifth Over Considering the early pressure mounted by India, Babar introduced spinner Mohammad Nawaz, who after delivering a dot ball was hit for a four by KL Rahul. But after Nawaz managed to have some control and conceded eight runs. As India on this reached 54 without any loss. Sixth Over Starting his second over, Haris get rid of Sharma who was looking for a big hit, but failed to time the ball and find Kushdil, who made no mistake to grab the catch as Sharma gone after scoring 28 (16). In successful over, Haris conceded seven runs as Virat Kohli joins KL Rahul. Seventh Over Coming to attack, leg-spinner Shadab Khan dismissed opener KL Rahul who scored 28 (20). Suryakumar Yadav came to bat and hit a four on his first ball, but Shadab came back strongly and beat Yadav on two occasions. India conceded nine runs. Eight Over Nawaz, in his second over conceded eight runs. Ninth Over Shadab continued to bowl his second over, during which Naseem Shah was ‘sloppy’ in a field as Shadab give eight runs. Tenth Over Nawaz came to bowl in the tenth over and removed Suryakumar with a ‘clever’ delivery who scored 13 (10). Nawaz only gave away five runs as India reached 93/3. Eleventh Over In the 11th over, Mohammad Hasnain came to bowl in his second spell. During which Virat Kohli scored a boundary. In his second over, Hasnain conceded eight runs as 100 up for India. Twelfth Over Nawaz ensured to kept things tight as he only conceded four runs. Thirteen Over In the 13th over, Naseem Shah conceded two boundaries as he gave 13 runs to the opposition. Fourteenth Over Shadab came into bowl in the fourteenth over and gave Pakistan important breakthrough in Pant s form who scored 14 (12). Shadab conceded eight runs. Fifteenth Over Mohammad Hasnain came into bowl and bagged a ‘golden’ wicket of Hardik Pandya who scored golden duck. Hasnain conceded nine runs in this over. India at this point scored 135/5 as Kohli was unbeaten on 40 (28), while Deepak Hooda joined Kohli. Sixteenth Over Shadab Khan started the sixteenth over as he only went for five runs. Shadab Khan finished his spell, conceding only 31 runs and taking two wickets in his four overs. Seventeenth Over Haris Rauf came into bowl in the seventeenth and conceded eight runs. Eighteenth Over Mohammad Hasnain started off the eighteenth over, during which Deepak Hoodak played a delicate shot to earn boundary. Meanwhile, in this eventful over Kohli brought his half-century in style with a ‘gigantic’ six. Nineteenth Over Naseem Shah came to bowl and removed Deepak Hooda who scored 16 (14). Shah bowled a fine over as he conceded seven runs. Twentieth Over Haris Rauf came into bowl in the last over of India’s innings as he conceded thirteen runs as India posed a total of 181-7. With excellent fielding, Kohli was removed on 60 (44) after his run out. In the last two balls, Haris Rauf conceded two boundaries. -PAKISTAN S BOWLING- For Pakistan, Shadab Khan bagged two wickets (2-31 in 4 overs). While Naseem Shah (1-45 in 4 overs), Mohammad Hasnain (1-38 in 4 overs), Haris Rauf (1-38 in 4 overs) and Mohammad Nawaz (1-25 in 4 overs) took a wicket each. -PLAYING XI- Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Shadab Khan, Asif Ali, Mohammad Nawaz (3), Haris Rauf, Mohammad Hasnain, Naseem Shah India: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, V Kohli, SA Yadav, RR Pant (wk), DJ Hooda, HH Pandya, B Kumar, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh, YS Chahal