LAHORE    -    A 20-member medical team of the Institute of Public Health reached Dera Ghazi Khan to provide medical aid to the flood victims and take measures to diagnose and prevent various diseases. At the time of departure from Lahore, Dean IPH Professor Dr. Zarfashan Tahir sent off the team. The medical team consists of Assistant Professor Dr. Mohsin Aftab, Dr. Mursaleen Ali, Dr. Mudassar Saleem, Dr. Ali Raza( MPhil)، Dr.Obaidullah Qazi Molecular Biologist, Lab Technicians, Lab Assistants and other allied staff. Dr. Zarfashan Tahir informed that the medical team has taken dry ration, flour, pulses, juice, biscuit packets, clothes and shoes etc.with them donated by the employees of the institute for the flood victims , which will be distributed among them. In addition to provide medical treatment to the victims, public health experts will also collect blood samples for diagnosis and to know the trend of various epidemic diseases and the said samples will be analyzed in the laboratory.

Dr. Zarfashan Tahir further said that the medical team brought medicines for fever, diarrhoea, infection, skin allergy and other diseases which will be given to the patients