KARACHI    -    Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Saturday took an aerial view of different protective bunds, including the Larkana-Sehwan (LS) embankment and said that these were not weak but vulnerable and hopefully would survive with con­stant efforts of the Irrigation experts and the district administration.

The Chief Minister along with his Minister Taimur Talpur flew to Sehwan where he took an aerial view of different embankments, in­cluding Manchhar Containing (MC) Bund, MNV Bund, Johi Branch, and LS Bund of River Indus. 

Shah said that these embank­ments were vulnerable, but the Irrigation engineers were moni­toring and working on their strengthening day and night. He hoped that their efforts would pro­tect Shewan, Mehar, Johi, Dadu, and even Larkana.

Murad Ali Shah said that the level of Manchhar Lake had been recorded at 122.75 RL on Saturday while the level of its embankment known as MC Bund is 128 RL. 

He added that the winds of the South were causing wave wash­ing. ”There is stone pitching but the winds are so violent that caus­ing wave washing, therefore more stones are required for pitching,” he said, and added stones were be­ing arranged for the purpose.

The Chief Minister said that the continuous flow of water into Man­chhar has increased its spread up to 130 square kilometers. “In 2010 Manchar had broken when its level had reached 121.65 RL but then repair and strengthen works were carried out, therefore it has sus­tained at 122. 75 which is higher by 1.1 ft,” he said.

Murad Ali Shah said that cur­rently, 16,000 cusecs of Manchhar were flowing into River Indus but the situation would turn better when the River would start ac­cepting 30,000 to 40,000 cusecs of Manchhar.

He added that when the water level at Guddu and Sukkur would come down to 300,000 cusecs, the gates of the Sukkur barrage would be closed to discharge Manchhar water into the River. “Right now, the Sukkur Barrage was flowing at 559,998 cusecs, therefore the River Indus is not accepting Manchhar’s water in much quantity,” he said.

Murad Ali Shah said that there was no benefit of giving a relief cut to Manchhar because its water in­stead of flowing into River Indus would form another lake in the area, therefore it was advisable to wait for decreasing the level of the River and by the time we have to strengthen the MC bund.

Shah, while taking an aerial view of the Johi branch and LS Bund, said that KN Shah has been inundated but proper vigilance and monitoring were being done to avoid any breach in Johi branch to save Dadu. He added that the Ring bund of Mehar was vulner­able but not so weak to develop a breach. “The irrigation experts are working on further strength­ening Ring Bund to protect Mehar and Johi,” he said.