LAHORE    -   The three-round 4th FGA Ladies Golf Championship for Yasmin Mubarik Cup exclusively for Ladies entered the culminat­ing phase at the enchanting Is­lamabad Golf Course with final round 18 holes scheduled to be contested today (Sunday). 

At the end of the second round the first round, pace set­ter Rimsha Ijaz of Defence Raya Golf Club again entwines the top position on the leaderboard and looks set to surface as the dexterous one in the Category A Competition of this national ladies event. Starting the sec­ond day after an assertive show in the first round when Rimsha managed to have a command­ing presence as a leader, Rimsha persevered with her level head­ed progress and made evident her intent to attain ultimate re­alization when the champion­ship concludes today.

With a second-round score of gross 76 and a two-round aggre­gate of 150, she is three strokes ahead of golfing rival Aaniya Fa­rooq of Airmen Golf Course Ka­rachi and enjoys a six-stroke ad­vantage over another dynamic and energetic adversary Hamna Amjad of PAF Skyview. The final round today will definitely be a show of technical golfing and competitive surge will be un­nerving. A few others hoping to cause an impact will be Parkha Ijaz, placed at a score of 158 and Ana James Gill who is eager to play a dazzling round in the final 18 holes.

As for Parkha Ijaz, she certain­ly improved her performance in the second round and played with more composure and self-assurance and as against her first-round score of 85, she card­ed a round of 73 on the second day, which stands out as the best round of the day. 

In the segment bearing handi­cap in the range 14-24, the for­midable one is Jasia Tasawar of Rawalpindi Golf Club. She is ahead of her rivals with a score of gross 82. Placed second is Uzma Khurshid of Lahore Gym­khana Golf Club and her score is gross 84. Zeenat Ayesha of Islamabad is at 88 followed by Hussain Bano of Rawalpindi at 90. In the handicap range 25-36, the prominent competitor is Shazmina Khan at 91 while Fou­zia Shahid is at 94 and Zarmina Khan at 98.