The kachta area of Kot Durrani Mehar has completely submerged as the flood situation has become serious in Qamber Shahdadkot district. According to details, a 70-feet crack occurred in the Khosa Simm Canal in Meeru Khan, Tehsil of Qamber Shahdadkot after rising in Indus River. In order to deal with any possible disaster and save their homes, the residents of the area are busy closing the crack of the canal on their own. After the Khosa Simm Canal burst, water quickly entered the adjacent villages.  Apart from this, a large number of fish died due to sewage water in Kandhkot, rain and sewage water from the city was released in the village Muhammad Siddiq Sabzoi, as a result of which millions of fish in the fish farm died. In this regard, Aftab Sabzoi, the owner of Fish Farm, said that there is a lot of loss due to the death of precious fish worth crores of rupees, the poisonous water of the sewage caused the death of hundreds of fish.