Shaukat Tarin claims his leaked audio-tape was tempered

KARACHI   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former finance minister Shaukat Tarin Saturday suggested the federal government to renegotiate the loan deal with the International Monetary Fund in the wake of the devastating floods. He also claimed that the import of cheap oil from Russia is a better option. “The govern­ment should demand a flood relief package from the IMF so that it can provide targeted subsidies to the flood victims,” Tarin said while addressing a news conference here on Sat­urday. About his recent au­dio-leak regarding the dif­ferences between the federal government and PTI’s gov­ernments in Punjab and KP provinces over the IMF deal, Tarin asked, “Whose conspir­acy is it to leak the call tape before the IMF programme?” Shaukat Tarin also claimed that his audio was tampered. “It is a legal crime to tap someone’s conversation that was leaked by tampering with our audio. We did not leak any audio. There was a fear that the IMF deal would be affect­ed due to the audio leak, so why did they leak it, why was it leaked on the same day.”Tarin claimed that the real problem would have arrived if the IMF had heard the tapes. “Although it wouldn’t have affected the programme be­cause the surpluses from provinces are in the form of an MoU (memorandum of un­derstanding).”

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