The Government of PMLN is once again attacking CPEC projects. The last time they did it they changed the CPEC route from Western to Eastern passing through Lahore and onto the Mo­torway. The Western route would have created a new National High­way, railway and data link route for Pakistan that would not be sus­ceptible to yearly floodings and would have benefitted areas that are poor. It would have connect­ed all provinces and would have increased economic prosperity in Baluchistan greatly.

The CPEC Authority was made to stop such blatant changing of original plans by Parliamentari­ans. Therefore it is not shocking to see Government Parliamentar­ians openly criticizing CPEC Au­thority and pushing to close it down and handing over all proj­ects and finances to Planning Min­istry, whose Minister is none other but PML-N leader Mr Ahsan Iqbal.