Female literacy rate

Pakistan is among those countries where literacy rate is very low. Especially, female literacy rate is 45% against male literacy rate that is 69%. The education in Pakistan shows a bleak picture especially in Balochistan where education is grim. 70% girls are dropped out from schools in Balochistan. The overall female literacy rate is 25% which is not satisfying. More than 40% girls never go to schools. In 2013, 64% rural areas females’ population never went to school in Balochistan. No doubt, the ratio of out of school children is rising. Women find it hard to get education, as in rural areas no separate schooling is present. They are the victims of the violence as they are not allowed to go outside, but work and sew clothes at home. Providing education helps them to earn a better position in society. I request to the government to promote of female literacy in the country.


Turbat, July 27.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt