Dr AQ Khan urges students to learn operating lab tools

Expresses disappointment that research culture is not being promoted in country The standards of education right from schools to higher education institutions are on decline for past many years

KARACHI       -    This is so unfortunate that in our country students do not give sufficient time in laboratory and we do not seek perfection in doing research. If, we want to compete with the west and developed nations, then we have to develop expertise in operating laboratory tools but the focus is on just to get the degree rather than conducting useful and meaning research.

These were expressed by renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan while addressing at the inaugural ceremony of four days workshop of third Summer School entitled “ Green Spin in Biotechnology” organised by Dr A Q Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, University of Karachi.

“With this attitude, a person might get a PhD degree but could not compete with the rest of the world. The degrees are being obtained but no expertise are developed in operating lab tools while in the west it is pivotal to develop expertise in operating lab materials. This is utterly disappointing that research culture is not being promoted in the country like other parts of the globe,” he held.

Addressing the students, Dr AQ Khan said that wherever you go you need to develop expertise in operating lab tools, and to have a clear understanding of its utility and usage. “You all are lucking that to have the opportunity to study at the KIBGE, which is indeed a premier institution,” he added.

He urged that nation has to adopt same culture of promoting research as foreign countries and advocated that we would not be able to achieve our goals. “The standards of education right from schools to higher education institutions are on decline for past many years except the few.”

Meanwhile, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that molecular biology in agriculture has become a revolutionary field of research and its necessary is being realized ever more.

“The agriculture biotechnology in this era of technological advancement, it has both commercial and economic importance that needs to be integrated into national research and development sector.”

He mentioned that agriculture in Pakistan contributes to a major percentage of its GDP and employees a large number of labor force. He pointed out that outdated techniques and methods had halted the process of growth and development in its principal sector.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that Pakistan itself, irrespective of being an agro-productive land, remains deprived of basic technologies. Our agro-productivity, regardless of having fertile land is declining day by day.

“In order to increase the yield of crops and to bring their prices low, with an uncompromised quality and sustainability, there is a need to understand the importance of currently utilized tools and techniques worldwide. Agricultural biotechnology in developed countries has improved the quality and quantity of food crop, reduced the use of pesticide and improved the health and welfare of farmers and citizens.”

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