Need for course correction

Social media exploded with the call for sending Afghan Refu­gees from Sindh back after the al­leged killing of young man Bil­lal Kaka by Afghan hotel owners in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Later on, angry men from both sides post­ed threatening videos. The isolat­ed closure of the business of Af­ghans was countered by harassing of Sindh labourers and travellers by Afghans in Karachi and Baluch­istan according to social media.

The leadership of Pashtoon and Sindhi nationalists as well as spokesmen of the Sindh govern­ment showed sagacity by an ap­peal for calm and restraint. The Sindh nationalist parties’ leader­ship were vocal enough to explain the difference between Pashtuns from KP and other areas of Paki­stan living in Sindh for a long time and Afghan refugees who flocked Karachi and infiltrated in length and breadth of Sindh province. The Sindhi political leaders argue that the former are sons of the soil and earn their livelihood from le­gitimate means and live in the province peacefully but the lat­ter is allegedly involved in crim­inal activities, including selling weapons and drugs. According to Mr Ayaz Latif Palejo, the major­ity of the Afghan refugees run tea shops, hotels and other small businesses in disguise but they keep piles of weapons loaded and they respond during a petty dis­pute with a weapon

There were also posts on social media showing that deceased Bi­lall Kaka has a criminal record and he allegedly started thresh­ing the hotel owner when the lat­ter demanded payment of food bills from the former. Suppose the above allegation has weight then still the killing of Kaka cannot be justified or condoned because as he was alone, the group compris­ing hotel owner and staff might have overcome him physically and handed him over to the police.



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