ISLAMABAD    -    The Ministry of Finance has made it clear that no additional funds through Supplementary Grant (SG) shall be considered during the current fiscal year in order to remain within the ap­proved budgetary allocation.

The ministry has clarified that only under extreme and excep­tional circumstances, the cases may be considered by the Fi­nance Division, after fulfillment of the following conditions by the Principal Accounting Offi­cers (PAOs). It stated that cases where no funds can be made available through re-appropria­tion and TSG, shall require that PAO certifies that all avenues have been exhausted, which is to be verified by the relevant Ac­counting Organisation/Office. Meanwhile, the PAO provides valid justification and cogent reasons for demanding SG. For availing SG grant, expenditure wing or concerned wing of the Finance Division would examine and recommended the case for approval. The ministry of finance on Thursday has released the strategy for additional allocation and re-appropriation of funds during current fiscal year.

According to the ministry, re-appropriation of funds shall be allowed, within an approved De­mand for Grant and Appropria­tion, from one “Head of Account” to another “Head of Account”, provided that no re-appropri­ation shall be made from Em­ployees Related Expenses (ERE) to any other “Head of Account” (Non-ERE). Within the various “Heads of Accounts” under ERE, re-appropriation of funds might be made. In case of shortfall in ERE allocation during the CFY, re-appropriation of funds from Non-ERE “Heads of Accounts” may be made on priority basis. “Re-appropriation Orders, duly approved by the Competent Authority shall be provided to the Accounting Organisations/Offices for entry into SAP sys­tem; however, re-appropriation of funds shall remain within the prescribed quarterly limits given by the Finance Division in the Strategy for Release of Funds for CFY