Federal Ombudsman stresses need for speedy implementation of decisions

Peshawar  -   Federal Ombudsman, Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, emphasized on Friday that the prompt resolution of citizens’ complaints remained the foremost priority of his department. He urged employees across all federal government organizations to redouble their efforts in expediting the resolution of public grievances and the execution of decisions made by his office.

In his capacity as the chair of a high-level meeting at the Federal Ombudsman Office in Peshawar, Ejaz Qureshi highlighted the streamlined accessibility for people to reach the Federal Ombudsman’s office, facilitating complaints through a straightforward application process or online submissions.

He underscored the mandatory requirement for all complaints to be addressed within a 60-day timeframe. Urging government departments to swiftly act upon the rulings of the Federal Ombudsman Office, Mr Qureshi emphasized that the recruitment of advisors and consultants strictly adhered to merit-based principles. Moreover, dedicated facilitation centres were established to assist complainants.

Qureshi also mentioned that his organization operated through 18 offices across all provinces, including Peshawar, Abbottabad, Swat, and D I Khan, ensuring the rapid resolution of cases and the implementation of the office’s decisions directly at the citizens’ doorstep. He pointed out that a majority of complaints in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were lodged against PESCO, though a noteworthy decrease in complaints against NADRA , BISP, and SNGPL had been observed.

To effectively address citizens’ grievances, he urged all federal government departments to establish robust digitization systems, making essential data and information available on their websites for the convenience of the public.

The Ombudsman further elaborated that the Federal Ombudsman Office had undergone digital transformation, resulting in an upsurge in the number of complaints from the public, which were now being closely monitored to ensure the implementation of decisions. He highlighted that aggrieved parties had the option to file a review appeal within the stipulated timeframe.

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