Monsoon rains forecast for Punjab till 7th

LAHORE  -   The Punjab Disaster Manage­ment Authority (PDMA) has issued a forecast of monsoon rains in various districts of Punjab until August 7. The au­thorities predict a mix of light and heavy rainfall in the upper reaches of major rivers, further exacerbating the ongoing situ­ation of flooding. According to Spokesperson PDMA, Current­ly, the Ravi River experiences a low-level flood at Sidhanai, with an inflow of 52040 cu­secs and an outflow of 36840 cusecs. Additionally, the Sutlej River faces low-level flooding at Sulaimanki and Islam, with increasing water levels at both sites. The inflow at Sulaimanki stands at 76035 cusecs, while the outflow is 62877 cusecs. At Head Islam, the inflow is 66643 cusecs, and the outflow is 65743 cusecs. Furthermore, the Jhelum River poses a high-level flood risk at Mangala. In response to the potential flood threat, DG PDMA Imran Qureshi has issued instructions to the concerned administra­tion to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures. Citi­zens are advised to stay away from mud walls, ceilings, pow­er lines, and poles, and avoid unnecessary travel near rivers.

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