Sugar prices rocket to Rs155 per kg

KARACHI-Karachi is witnessing yet another increase in sugar prices, causing concern among consumers and traders alike. The price of sugar has soared by Rs 8, bringing it to Rs 155 per kilogram. In the wholesale market, the impact has been significant, with a 100-kilogram bag of sugar witnessing a staggering increase of Rs 800 within just two days.
The wholesale market in Jodia Bazaar, a major trading hub in the city, has also experienced an abrupt Rs 8 increase in sugar prices over the same two-day period. With the commodity hitting Rs 143 per kilogram in this market, concerns are mounting about the potential impact on consumers and local businesses. As the prices reach Rs 155 per kilogram in general stores, the burden on ordinary citizens is becoming more pronounced. 
Rising food costs can have a cascading effect on household budgets, potentially leading to increased financial strain for families already grappling with inflationary pressures.

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