At the Islamabad Literature Festival in November 2023, I spoke at a panel on ‘Lahore’s Lost Legacy’ where while mentioning how road names have been changed, I remarked: “the Majid Nizami family paid for the big signboards put up for a road named in his honour.” This was told me by a person in the Lahore Deputy Commissioner’s office a decade ago. However, upon further inquiry it has become clear that the big signposts were put up on the instruction of the then Chief Minister and had nothing to do with the family at all. This error is regretted. It is also clarified that the aim of the remark was not that Mr Majid Nizami should not be commemorated—far from it and certainly he should, but to make the point that renaming a previously named road in fact does disservice to the new person the government wants to honour, and that the proper procedure should be to name a new road in memory of their illustrious contributions.

Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt