If leaked, audio tapes to damage PTI leaders’ public image: Sana

Says PML-N ready for seat adjustment with JUI-F, other parties

LAHORE  -  Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday reaffirmed its call for a charter of economy to be signed by all political parties as a collaborative effort to address the country’s economic challenges for the benefit of the common man.

Following a meeting of the PML-N’s parliamentary board, former Interior Minister and the party’s Punjab president, Rana Sanaullah, spoke to the media, expressing the party’s commitment to lead the initiative for a charter of economy once the parliament is complete following the elections. Sanaullah highlighted the hardships faced by the common man due to inflation and emphasized the PML-N’s desire to work with all political parties towards a solution.

Drawing parallels with the earlier charter of democracy, he proposed that a charter of economy should be endorsed by political parties after the formation of the National Assembly. The PML-N aims to spearhead the effort to bring all political parties together on this crucial matter, he added. He suggested that regardless of which party attains a majority in the Parliament, there should be collaborative discussions leading to the formulation of a Charter of Economy. 

Sanaullah stressed that party manifestos should not include discussions about opening or closing of certain institutions, and cautioned against the use of institutions like NAB for political victimization.

Sanaullah also criticised former PTI chairman Imran Khan and other party leaders for their conflicting stances on the cipher issue and the May 9 incidents. He alleged that secret audio tapes involving PTI leaders, including Murad Saeed, could expose them and damage their public image. “Tapes of everyone including Murad Saeed are saved, and if [audios] are played [PTI leaders] won’t be able to face the public,” he revealed.

Responding to Imran Khan’s “London plan” allegations regarding the May 9 riots, Sanaullah questioned if directives for the incidents were part of such a plan. He mocked former PTI chairman Imran Khan, saying that imposing someone else after toppling Nawaz Sharif’s government was ladlapan [favouritism]. 

He also addressed internal differences within the PML-N, particularly between Daniyal Aziz and Ahsan Iqbal, attributing their public dispute to disagreements over party tickets.

He mentioned that Aziz is akin to his brothers, but he is disappointed and upset about the party ticket for a provincial constituency. The former interior minister disclosed that Aziz advocates for Awais Qasim to contest from the said constituency, while Iqbal prefers his son as the candidate. 

“Both Ahsan Iqbal and Daniyal Aziz should await the party’s decision,” he added, emphasizing that the selection of the ticket holder is based on merit, not age. “The ticket is awarded to the candidate with the ability to win the election.”

Sanaullah also raised a question, asking if Ahsan Iqbal was solely responsible for the rising inflation, then what had Daniyal Aziz been doing for the past 16 months that he couldn’t address the issue during that time.

 Sanaullah assured that the PML-N is fully prepared for the upcoming general elections, scheduled for February 8, expressing confidence in securing a mandate with the people’s support. He dismissed concerns about potential delays in the elections stating that Chief Justice of Pakistan had given the date for elections, and there was no likelihood of their being delayed.

To another question, he said that the Election Commission’s funds would be released within two days once the Election body approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said the PML-N will not have to do anything in this regard.

Regarding a meeting with Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), Sanaullah clarified that there have been no discussions about forming an alliance, but seat adjustments may be considered after the parliamentary elections. He provided an update on the PML-N’s parliamentary board interviews, revealing that 122 candidates from Rawalpindi have been interviewed, including candidates from NA 51 to 57.

Rana Sanaullah Khan also said that his party is fully prepared to contest upcoming general elections as its workers, voters and supporters are excited to actively participate. Talking to media here on Monday, he said “We are ready to fulfil the promise of country’s development made by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Oct 21”.

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