The Future Is KORT

A flip side to Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change is the people’s initiatives that speed up resilience and adaptability in response to the mounting and unpredictable challenge. One such example is the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) Educational and Residential Complex. KORT has just caught the spotlight around the world by winning the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Award at the Global Climate Conference, COP28. Not just has it earned the country a good name but the world has an example to follow – an institute for orphans that prioritises water conservation and engages students in sustainable projects like organic farming.
Specially dedicated to the orphans of the 2005 massive earthquake in the country, KORT is the largest orphanage in South Asia, and now the Top Global School in South Asia as well. KORT is a powerful case of people-led initiatives and the impact the non-profit sector can generate. As the students of the school received the Award in Dubai, the world got to see the humane side of a country whose people are aware of the impact their lifestyles generate.
Zayed Sustainability Award is the legacy of UAE’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Award acknowledges non-profit sustainability projects across six categories. In the ‘health’ category, another of Pakistan’s non-profits, Child Life Foundation, was also a nominee. This Award demonstrates that people in Pakistan are aware of the dangers posed by climate change and are willing to play their part in preserving the ecosystem. Many green initiatives are running across the country. In addition, climate advocates, both in personal and professional capacity, are engaged day in and day out to bring the much-needed policy reforms.
Winning the Award is a testament to the organization’s dedication to supporting orphaned children through various essential services. KORT’s achievement serves as an inspiration for non-profit organizations worldwide, emphasizing the profound impact they can make in creating positive change and fostering a sustainable future. From the power echelons to the school nestled in the mountains, climate change challenges are a collective fight for the people of Pakistan.

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