Women empowerment must for development: KP Governor

PESHAWAR  -  Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali on Monday emphasised that Islam has be­stowed upon women dignity, protection, and all rights and the status given to them by Is­lam is unparalleled.

The Governor was addressing two-day international confer­ence organised by Shaheed Be­nazir Women University Pesha­war under the supervision of the Border Rural Support Pro­gramme aimed at empowering women.

In the inaugural session of the conference, held on the first day, Governor Haji Ghulam Ali distributed electronic tablets among Afghan female students and highlighted the importance of technology in women’s ed­ucation. He also inspected the products crafted by Pakistani and Afghan women and lauded their creative abilities and busi­ness interests.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Ghulam Ali urged the participants not to view degrees solely as a means to employ­ment, emphasising the need to create opportunities for both men and women in business and trade.

He advocated for providing economic and social autonomy to women, stating that the pro­gress of society is contingent upon empowering women.

The Governor underscored the importance of changing so­cietal perspectives towards women, urging for respectful treatment in all aspects of life.

He encouraged women to ac­tively participate in businesses alongside their husbands, par­ents, and brothers, stressing the need for collaboration and sup­port.

Governor Ali expressed the need for training women in the jewellery industry, focusing on gemstone polishing and cutting skills. Highlighting the poten­tial of the gemstone market, es­pecially in the jewellery sector, he suggested that skilled wom­en can contribute significantly to the business.

Governor Ghulam Ali called upon financial aid institutions to provide special scholarships for female students in educa­tional fields.

He announced plans for a joint Pakistan-Afghan Expo, aiming to provide business opportuni­ties and facilities for Pakistani and Afghan women.

In conclusion, Governor Haji Ghulam Ali reaffirmed his com­mitment to women’s empower­ment, stating that it is essential for the economic and social pro­gress of society.

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