Islamabad   - The Minister of State for IT Ms Anusha Rahman has said that accelerated digitisation is the vision of the present government to enhance socio economic development and expand knowledge based economy and to promote economic growth in Pakistan. She expressed this while addressing the First Finland-Pakistan Business Summit at Serene on Tuesday.

The Minister of State reiterated that government accords highest priority to the development of ICT infrastructure and applications for the provision of quality services, education, employment generation, and women empowerment. The government is going to establish 500 telecentres in the remote areas of Pakistan to facilitate the neglected population of far flung areas. These centres will provide Basic E-services to the public.  The Minister further said that Pakistan, due to its geo-strategic location, provides a unique platform for local and foreign investors eyeing opportunities in the country and the region at large. The ready availability of young educated, talented and skilled professionals, comprehensive ICT infrastructure and Government’s business friendly investment policies, make Pakistan an exceptional destination for local and foreign investors.

Anusha Rahman has further said that Government of Pakistan encourages foreign investors particularly in upcoming “spectrum auction” for next generation mobile services, establishment of Technology Parks and local manufacturing of ICT equipments.

 She also invited local and foreign companies of Finland to be our partners in harnessing the rich potential of our country that is open for business and keen on working with national and international investors.

She dilated upon the fact that we must remember that future of our global business community is interdependent, so joint endeavours /ventures will provide much desired results to bring progress and prosperity.

This summit will provide a platform to explore constructive and innovative avenues of mutual interest between business corporations of Pakistan & Finland. It is an obligation for all business leaders to strive for sustainable human development through technological and scientific advancement, Minister added.