Struggle growing strong

Since the day Pakistan Came into existence of reality, the nation of Kashmir is struggling against the illegal violence of Bharat. Although the struggle of Kashmiris is constitutional and it is according to international rules of human rights.

This struggle of Kashmiris has kept this issue alive. And Kashmiri people will keep their independent thinking alive. Moreover It is wrong perception of Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi that power and army of India can stop the brave Kashmiri nation and their struggle for freedom.

Power and violence can never stop a nation from their struggle of achieving freedom. In the modern time, we can take example of Vietnam, where American Army tried its best to get the freedom of Vietnam citizens. But in return three million of Vietnam people did everything and sacrificed everything to protect their country and keep their name alive.

America lost his 58,000 army men in this battle. But still they could not get what they wanted. In fact this embarrassed them in front of world. Same situation is in the occupied Kashmir where Kashmiris are giving everything and sacrificing everything they have to get their freedom and protect their rights and giving this message to Indian prime minster that they have to solve this issue politically.

Pakistan is standing with Kashmiris and supporting their rightful and independent thinking. India is against Pakistan for our policies regarding Kashmir but on the other side these Indians are constructing dams in Kashmir which in result would create water shortage in Pakistan. This is affecting our agriculture and as a result we are facing major drop in our cultivations. Actually Indian prime minister is not listening to anyone in the addiction of the power. He is not even ready to listen to Pakistan on this important issue. This anti-Islamic man is destroying all polices. Although this issue can be resolve with simple communication which can save thousands of innocent lives of Kashmiris.

It is highly appreciable that America tried to resolve this issue in the past. Because of Indian pressure, America withdrew itself from this issue. Although Americans are totally aware of struggle and issue of Kashmiri people and know that this issue can lead to nuclear war. But still America is avoiding this issue and playing blind. It is using India for improving its own economy and does not want to ruin his relationship with India. Another reason of America’s silence on Kashmir issue is that it wants India and Pakistan to resolve this issue mutually. But Indian is not even ready for that.

Actually India is getting more proud after the call of Donald trump to Modi. And Modi wants to end Kashmiris freedom struggle by using army. The nefarious designs of India will not succeed. Reality is that Kashmiris have proven that they don’t want to be the part of India. In fact India has lost his dignity and respect because of genocide in Kashmir. Mahbooba Mufti heading the Kashmir government seems ready to resolve this issue. Although she is fully with Kashmiri people but political compulsion and addiction of power has stopped her from doing anything.

On 5th February Kashmiris acknowledge this day with Pakistani people and promise that this struggle will go on and nobody can stop this in any way. Human rights organizations should come forward and expose Indian forces brutalities in occupied Kashmir. They should also force international community to help resolve this issue and force Indian army to go back from Kashmir.

Chairman of Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazalur Rehman is also not showing interest in this matter as he is following prime minister. That is why Kashmiri leader Ali gilani condemned Fazalur Rehman. He said in open words that Fazalur Rehman should not be the chairman of Kashmir committee. We should keep this struggle alive ourselves and keep showing our support with Kashmiri people especially on Kashmir Day.

The per capita income and provincial GDP estimates of Azad Kashmir are comparatively underrated when compared with development in other regions of the country although Azad Kashmir notably has a literacy rate that is substantially above the national average. Azad Kashmir's economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, the local tourism industry has potential but remains underdeveloped. If countries like Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia can earn a lot of revenue from tourism then Kashmir too can do so. Where there is a common interest, the politicians of Pakistan should take this matter with care to ensure prosperity in Kashmir. Email:


KARACHI: Pakistani cyclists ride to shows solidarity with Kashmiris as they arrive from Quetta to mark Kashmir solidarity day.– AFP

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