LAHORE - Fareeda Tauseef of Royal Palm turned out to be a symbol of fearlessness and compiled an impressive score of gross 81 to emerge as star performer of the first round in the three-round Fatima Jinnah Amateur Ladies Golf Championship here at the Royal Palm Golf Course on Friday. 

Fareeda edged past her proficient rivals like Ghazala Yasmin, Iman Ali Shah, Parkha Ijaz and Rimsha Ijaz. As scores stand at the end of the first round, Farida Tauseef is the leader with a gross score of 81, followed by Ghazala Yasmin at 83 and Iman Ali Shah also at 83. At a score of gross 84 is Parkha Ijaz followed by Rimsha Ijaz at 85. Tehmina Ahmed, Zeb un Nisa and Ami Qin are bracketed together at 87. As the championship moves into the second round today (Saturday), the ferocious touch will become technically ingenious and enlightened and to remain the leader Fareeda Tauseef will have to show considerable application and intensity in her efforts.

From today, the aspiring ones in the handicap category 15-24 and those in handicap category 25-36 will enter the race for prestige and esteem. Notable ones with assertive ambitions are the assidious and painstaking Minaa Zainab, the experienced Shahzadi Gulfam, Samia Javed and Aisha Moazzam, the upcoming ones Laiba Ali Shah, Momina Tarrar, Adeena Ataullah and Amina Tiwana and quite a few others with a will to get recognized as lady players of aptitude and artistry. The tee off today will take place at Royal Palm Golf Course through a shot gun start at 9:30am.