Pushto film industry has become stagnant: Ajab

LAHORE: Ajab Gul is a major name of Pakistani Urdu and Pashto film industry. He started his career as an actor but he is now a talented director and producer as well. Ajab Gul has many has many noteworthy performances credited to his name. His theatrical play ’Janam Janam ki Meli Chaddar’ holds the record in South East Asia for its continued 1680 shows. His direction debut movie in 2001 ‘Khoye ho tum Kahan’ scored all the major awards of the year. His second movie declared himself as a talented music director. Ajab Gul’s contribution to our film industry has made him something of an institute in a person. His work isn’t always all glamour but also inspired. A fine example of his acting versatility is movie ‘Dukhtar’.

In his recent talk with The Nation, Ajab Gul told us about his upcoming projects. He will be apprearing in Shehzad Rafique’s movie ‘Sajood’, Reham Khan’s movie ‘Jannan’ and a serial which is being produced by Mubashir Luqman.

He said that Pakistani film industry revival as we know it today did not formed overnight. He said that in the beginning of new millennium the Pakistan film industry was barely holding on with a thread but it was a challenge we accepted.

“We worked with ancient equipment and old tactics yet we worked hard and made decent pictures. We focused on music and brought talent to the silver screen. That’s when we planted the seed of revival,” Ajab said.

He further said that the young faces in the industry today are working more for the sake of indulgence unlike their seniors who have devoted their entire lives to the ups and downs of media industry. He said he appreciates the new talent and they are highly qualified but they have their own way of doing things. He said he always have and always will work for the success of commercial cinema as opposed to parallel cinema. With regards to Pushto film industry, he said that the market of Pushto movies is mostly local so the trends remain undisturbed but it should be shaken up, if we want to attract more audience.

“Pushto film industry has been stagnant for past 3 to 4 years. Same acting theories, same stories and same faces have lost their charm,” Ajab said.

He said showbiz is a practical art. If you want to study it, you have to practice it. He expressed his interest in making more movies that he will direct himself. He also spoke of new technology improving the quality of film. In past, he has always raised the issue of technical malfunction causing damage to movies.

His movie Janaan is expected to release on Eid-ul-Adha this year. He said it was fun experience, working with the young talent and the director Azfar Jafri is an amazing guy. He praised Reham Khan for her understanding and polite disposition. Janaan is writing debut for Pakistani Orlando Bloom, Osman Butt and it is a light romantic movie which will prove to be highly entertaining.

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