ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party yesterday vowed to fight for true democracy until the goal is achieved.

PPP Secretary General Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said the party will mark July 5 as ‘black day’ to protest against toppling of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government in 1977. “On July 5, the first democratically elected government of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was ousted. PPP will mark the day as a black day across the country,” he said.

Bukhari said black flags will be hoisted on vehicles at central, provincial and sub-district offices.

“PPP federal and provincial ministers will participate in the Black Day programs. Leaders of constitutional pro-democracy parties and representatives of the masses will be invited to attend Black Day demonstrations,” he said in a message.

To mark July 5 as black day

Bukhari said that Bhutto supervised the approval of the unanimously adopted constitution of Pakistan and devolved the power to the people rather than allowing it to be in the hands of selected persons. He said that Bhutto had united the Muslims and led the Islamic world through his farsighted political acumen. “His daughter, Benazir Bhutto had fought bravely against the dictatorship after him and faced, along with ZAB’s followers and supporters, every kind of inhuman torture including solitary confinement,” he added. He said the 18th Armament is a democratic revenge from the dictators; adding that the 1973 Constitution guarantees autonomy to the federating units.

The PPP has been observing July 5 a black day since 1977 when Ziaul Haq overtook Bhutto-led government.