Khyber - Residents of Jamrud and adjacent villages blocked Pak-Afghan highway on Monday in protest against what they claimed unjustified and excessive load-shedding in the hot weather.

A large number of locals led by tribal elder Malik Salahuddin gathered in front of Grid Station, Jamrud staged a sit-in on the main road blocking all kinds of traffic.

The protestors were holding placards inscribed with slogans in favour of their demands.

Addressing the gathering, the speakers said that since indipendance they have been deprived of all basic rights and facilities being enjoyed by the rest of the citizens of the country. They said TESCO officials have turned deaf ears to their miseries.

The protestors blamed the concerned official for providing power supply to factories instead of domestic consumers, which is injustice to them. They threatened that if their issue is not resolved, they will initiate a comprehensive agitation till acceptance of demands.