LAHORE - Two alleged terrorists belonging to a banned organisation, arrested in connection with the Anarkali blast, were killed in a terrorist attack in Badami Bagh area, here on Saturday.

The deceased were identified as Abdul Razziq and Sanaullah.  According to a Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) spokesperson, the arrested terrorists told the police during interrogation that they hired a house in Khokhar Pind, Badami Bagh area, and hid the remaining explosive material there after using it in the Anarkali blast.

On Saturday, when the investigation officers, along with a CTD team, were taking the accused towards the said place for recovery of the explosive. However, they were attacked by four accomplices of the terrorists on the way. In crossfire, both alleged terrorists were killed and the attackers fled the scene.  One rifle was recovered from the crime scene.   A case has been registered at the CTD Lahore police station.