Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing opens doors for monetizing writing skills  

ISLAMABAD- Vast opportunities await educated youth in Pakistan to earn income by publishing their books with varying levels of content, including low, medium and high, using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing online.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, the Chief Executive Officer of Scale Up Direct Publishing Syed Muneeb Ali highlighted that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an online platform that eliminates the need for traditional publishers, allowing authors to publish their content without selling rights or relying on bulk publications. He emphasized that content writers are freed from concerns about page quality, ink, cover design and binding.

According to Muneeb, content writers can reach a wide and diverse audience through Amazon Kindle, as the platform is available in over 16 countries and supports multiple languages including English, Polish, French, and others. However, he noted that the scope for the Urdu language in the international market is currently limited, as Kindle was recently launched in India and has yet to establish a presence in Pakistan.

Regarding content creation, Muneeb advised creators to first explore market demand and identify gaps. He mentioned that topics such as crypto currency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence have been highly sought after in recent times, but there are many other interesting subjects to explore.

Muneeb further highlighted that Amazon Kindle operates on a print-on-demand model which means that books are printed and delivered to customers as soon as orders are received online. This eliminates the need for bulk publication and streamlines the distribution process, he added.

He mentioned that low-content books, which often feature activities for users to participate in, are particularly in demand on Amazon Kindle. 

Examples of such activities include journaling, sketching, coloring, painting, and completing tasks beyond the pages, he said adding that medium-content books, on the other hand, offer unique content on each page, such as coloring books, activity books and puzzle books while high-content books were rich in information, such as biographies, textbooks and novels.

Additionally, Muneeb highlighted that authors can also publish e-book versions of their books, which can be read on Kindle tablets and applications. He emphasized that publishing on international platforms like Amazon introduces writers to a global audience.

Muneeb advised aspiring writers to explore a niche, identify their target audience, and create relevant content that resonates with their readers. He stressed that original and unique content holds great value, as digital platforms are adept at recognizing and promoting such content.

To assist publishers, Amazon provides a self-help tool that guides them in identifying errors in their books, such as margin issues, heading formatting, cover design, and interior layout, he said adding that publishers can promote their books through advertisements, blogs, affiliate marketing, and indirect marketing methods.

Muneeb revealed that newcomers can learn the process of self-publishing within 30 to 90 days and creating an account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is as simple as signing up for an email account. He said that royalty models vary depending on the content, and authors can easily receive their earnings through their bank accounts.

He said that the potential for educated youth in Pakistan to leverage online earning opportunities through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is significant. He said that by tapping into this platform, young authors can showcase their talent, reach a wider audience, and generate income from their unique content.


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