Traditional ice cream tunes become attractive pleasure for kids during summer

ISLAMABAD - With the demand for ice cream gaining momentum in the summer season, hundreds of traditional street vendors with multicolored tricycles and ice-cream tunes have become an attractive pleasure for children to buy the frozen treats where parents alongside with children witnessing rush around these carts.
“Three-wheeled carts with ice cream fridge on the back and piping ice cream tunes are gripping children’s attention in every city of the country,” said a report aired by a private news channel.
“I still want to run out the door whenever I hear the tinkling of ice cream tune in my street,” said a 40-year-old customer.
A vendor said that pedestrians and motorists alike stopped by his cart to beat the heat by eating ‘Ice cream’.
Every year, with the arrival of summer, dozens of ice cream parlors and vendors in the streets could be found offering a wide range of flavours from the basic such as pistachio, caramel, chocolate, and mango to more exotic ones like strawberry cheese, chocolate mint, said a street vendor selling ice cream.
A vendor in Islamabad, who has been selling company ice cream for eight to nine years, said, “Our ice cream tunes are an attractive moment for kids and they always want to stop our carts in streets to buy ice cream,” adding “summer is the best time to sell our products and earn more”.
“Summer is the best season for sales because with the rise in mercury, a large number of customers, especially youngsters are seen enjoying ice cream treats on roads and shops,” said a citizen.
A man buying ice cream from a vendor in F-10 said that his family, specifically children cannot restrain themselves from eating ice cream in summer due to its attractive flavors.
“Ice cream is an international dessert, which is always available in various forms for those with a sweet tooth,” said a kid while enjoying his ice cream on the road.
“My children always used to wait impatiently for the ice cream seller on a hot summer evening,” said a mother, adding that no doubt ice cream pushcarts always bring a smile to her kids’ faces. 
“Our ice cream carts are specially designed to excite and reward children,” said a vendor. “We play traditional tunes to attract the attention of children (and adults) that the ice cream man is nearby,” he added.

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