Anam Amir


Classical music is evergreen and soothing. Every genre of music has its own quality. However, the classical music is timeless. Pakistan has rich musical heritage and has a number of singers and musicians who have dedicated their lives to promoting classical music. Rafaqat Ali Khan, son of legendary classical singer Nazakat Ali Khan is one of them.

All Pakistan Music Conference is perhaps the only platform that has been promoting classical music for more than four decades. Unlike other events All Pakistan Music Conference always begins on time. The musical evening was held at Alhamrah Hall and stars who mesmerized the audience were classical singers Rafaqat Ali Khan, Bakht Ali Khan and Akamal Qadri.

The function began with the mesmerizing Raag ‘Madh Kalyan ‘and ‘Taal Aqwai’ by Bakht Ali Khan. As the evening flowed, the audiences were entertained with Rafaqat Ali Khan’s passionate voice, as he sang a number of beautiful Raags and Baba Bulleh Shah’s famous sufi song ‘Ao siyo ral Diyo Wadahi’ and impressively challenged his vocal range against the beat of the tablas by singing popular raag ‘Bageshri’ (raag of late night). Later, towards the end he presented ‘Thumri’.

The performances of famous classical singers Rafaqat Ali Khan, Bakht Ali Khan and Akmal Qadri enthralled the audience in the jam-packed hall. PCB Chairman Sheharyar Mohammad Khan and Dr.Ghazala Irfan were prominent personalities present on the occasion.

Rafaqat, who is also nephew of legendary singer Salamat Ali Khan, has performed all over the world. He has sung ghazal, pop and rock music. But he is one not to have abandoned his natural talent for classical music. Singing classical is like going back to his roots. What is most interesting is that he appealed to the new generation as well with his mellifluous vocals that have the finesse of unadulterated classical. The event was attended by the large number of students from Punjab University and National College of Arts. At the point when the last performance was being presented classical music lovers kept asking for ‘once more’. It showed that if given an opportunity to showcase classical music the people love it. They love their rich cultural heritage.