Rice exporting

Previous Friday the rice exporters association of Pakistan Reap senior vice chairman Rafique Suleman pointed out that rice exports crossed the 1 billion dollar mark duration of first seven months of this fiscal year. Sharing data for the seven months period July to January of 2017 to 2018, he figure out that so far 2.28 million tonnes of rice amounting 1 billion dollar were exported against of 1.971 million tonnes, exports worth 820 for the same period of year ago. Just 29 percentage growth in the terms of value and 15 percentage in terms of quantity as the sector had been facing for last three year.  

However, rice exporter hoped that in this fiscal year his target would be 4 million tonnes rice export. He said that Kenya is the largest importer of Pakistani rice as during the current total 284,000 tonnes of rice but just 102 dollar tonnes had been export to it. As the Reap official addressed that export to china, the second largest destination of Pakistani rice, were on the decline. 


Turbat, February 20. 

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