Pakistan, India came ‘very close’ to war

ISLAMABAD - amay still be lurking around, sources in Prime Minister’s House and sources have confirmed.

A source said, “It is a changing Pakistan. Pakistan, as a state, has been working to eliminate terror from its territory for years. It is committed not to sponsor non-stare actors or provide support to any movement against any state.” According to the sources, under NAP a resolution was drafted and signed by all political parties, calling for action against all banned outfits and groups preaching hatred. Some effort was made in this regard, but now is the time to go full throttle against any network involved in any form of terror anywhere in Pakistan. “You will see action within days,” the source said.

India’s plan of missile attack on Feb 27, 28 was thawarted by ISI 

As FATF is stilling discussing Pakistan’s case, the sword of being blacklisted is looming over Pakistan. “We have to take strong measures to make sure we are not just out of the shadows of the past but a perception is also built reflecting this truth,” the source said.  The source said that timing of this decision may have coincided with the recent Indian aggression, but it was being debated for some months. “The world has spoken in favour of Pakistan but at the same time we realise we live in a hostile neighbourhood and we need more friends than unnecessary enemies. The Kashmir struggle is an indigenous movement,” the source said.

About a dossier sent by India on the Pulwama attack, the sources said they had not seen the dossier but they are sure that after a thorough investigation it can be concluded that Pakistan has nothing to do with it.





“As for the recent escalation in the region, the sources said the message has been given to the world that Pakistan does not want war. However, if war is imposed, it will be deterred,” the source said.

In bone-chilling details that have now emerged about the events of 27 and 28 February when Pakistan’s airspace was closed, it’s now been confirmed that another country was supporting India’s missile attack on Pakistan but this plan was quashed after interception by the ISI, the sources said.


After finding out about the Indian attack plan from Rajasthan, Pakistan made preparations to respond with its own missiles and informed a third party and India that any attack from India will not just be repulsed but a counterattack will also be launched.

When asked to comment on an investigative report done by veteran journalist Robert Fisk, the sources said that India’s nexus with some countries was not new.

They said that events of the last two-and-a-half weeks had given Pakistan an advantage, but “the threat is far from over”. The sources said that India made a false claim of killing hundreds of people in Pakistan.”If one had acted emotionally and believed the reports that India had killed people, they would have hit some targets in India and this would have been a full-fledged war. We are happy that we waited and acted responsibly otherwise Modi’s blind aggression had brought the two neighbours very close to war,” the source said.

The sources said that Pakistan as a state was committed to eliminating violence in all its forms and that Pakistan had made huge gains in this regard. The news of any military and civil rift on any issue, said the sources, was just a wishful thinking of certain quarters. “Pakistan today stands united and stronger,” the source said.


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