It seems as though a large number of unregistered vehicles have flooded the roads of Sindh and Punjab, pointing towards a severe lack of scrutiny within the registration process. Countless vehicles are registered under the number plate of ‘AFR’ (Applied for Registration) in Karachi specifically, most of which were found to be linked to various instances of crime. Not only is this a logistical failure but it is proving to be a menace for the well-being of society as well.

Many car owners have reportedly refused to register their vehicles to evade the charges and so that if there ever comes a point when they have to resell, they can fetch a higher price because the delayed registration implies the car is newer. This is a serious breach of law.

Vehicle registration woes are not restricted to cities like Karachi but are present in Lahore and Islamabad as well, because of unnecessary procedural delays. On average, it should take a maximum of 15 days for the registration process to conclude and for the car owners to receive their number plate but in such cities, authorities often take months. If the authorities themselves are not going to be proactive, or at least implement proper policies, in this regard little can be expected from the masses.

There is a distinct sense of accountability that lies upon traffic wardens as well. These unlicensed and unregistered cars are being driven in full view but little action is taken to punish those flouting the law. This becomes all the more serious when factoring in that these are those very cars that are found to be used as an accessory in crimes. It is the job of the policing authority to remain more vigilant and to take action when faced with the issue of stopping an unregistered vehicle.

Vehicle registration is a simple and common procedure that is followed diligently across the world, except in Pakistan. Not only do the people need to be made aware of their duty but the authorities must endorse the importance of registration and the extreme penalties that will follow in the case of negligence shown by citizens.