3rd Ghazala Ansari Challenge Cup tees off today at Lahore Gymkhana

LAHORE   -  The 3rd Ghazala Ansari Chal­lenge Cup will tee off here at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course today (Tuesday). Dr. Asma Af­zal Shami, chairperson of the organizing committee, along­side Gymkhana Golf Convener Mr. Shaukat Javed, referee Mu­nazza Shaheen, and Mrs. Bela Azam of sponsors Julke, shared insights into the tournament’s inception at a press conference held here on Monday. “Ghazala Ansari stands as an emblem­atic figure in the realm of Paki­stani women’s golf. As a dis­tinguished single handicapper, she dominated the ladies’ golf circuit in the country for more than two decades. Her illustri­ous career is highlighted by six National Championship victo­ries, alongside numerous oth­er titles over the years. “Fifty years since her departure from the competitive scene, her leg­acy continues to inspire. Today, we are witnessing a resurgence of single handicappers and an increasing number of young girls taking up the game, aspir­ing to reach international stan­dards,” she added. 

Dr. Shami highlighted the in­clusion of the Ace Junior Golf League as a new feature of the Ghazala Ansari Julke Challenge Cup. “The integration of this league represents a significant milestone, symbolizing not only the pride of Ghazala Ansari her­self but also the collective pride of the organizing team. This ini­tiative underscores a commit­ment to nurturing and expand­ing golf in Pakistan, particularly by encouraging the participation of young girls in the sport,” Dr Shami asserted. This year’s tour­nament is also noteworthy for its inclusion in the World Ama­teur Golf Ranking (WAGR), offer­ing participants the opportunity to earn valuable points and gain international recognition. 

Mrs. Bela Azam, represent­ingJulke, has been a steadfast supporter of the event, ensur­ing its success year after year. “It’s a privilege to sponsor the Challenge Cup in remembrance of Ghazala Ansari’s remark­able achievements. Our aim is to inspire a new generation of female golfers to follow in her footsteps,” she said. Mr. Shaukat Javed, Gymkhana Golf Conve­ner, expressed his excitement about hosting the 3rd Ghazala Ansari Julke Challenge Cup, em­phasizing the golf course’s his­torical significance as Ghazala Ansari’s home turf. He extolled Dr. Asma Shami’s dedication to the advancement of ladies golf in Pakistan. He also com­mended Mrs. Bela Azam for her influential role as the lady captain at Gymkhana and lauded Munazza Shaheen for her com­mendable achievement in earning the Level-3 certification in refer­eeing. Munazza Sha­heen emphasized the critical role of qualified refereeing in the sport of golf, underlining its necessity for maintain­ing the integrity and professionalism of the game on the course.

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