Amid chaos in NA, Bilawal endorses KP CM’s call for judicial probe


Says it’s not possible that if someone attacks state institutions and we forget it n PTI vows to play positive role in parliament n MQM’s Siddiqui suggests parliamentary body to probe rigging charges.

ISLAMABAD  -  Amid rumpus and heavy sloganeering, the lawmakers from both sides demanded constitution of judicial commissions to probe the May 9 incidents and allegations of rigging in the recent general elections.

Though lawmakers, in their fiery speeches, did not spare criticizing the leadership of each other, yet treasury benches asked the opposition to seriously consider a charter of national reconciliation. On the other hand, the opposition members asked to release the former prime minister and withdraw cases immediately.

The house, in most part of the proceedings, witnessed slo­ganeering against the treasury benches by the opposition mem­bers. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhu­tto-Zardari, in his speech inter­rupted by SIC MNAs, backed the PTI members for a judicial in­quiry into the May 09 incidents. Bilawal supported KP Chief Min­ister Ali Amin Gandapur’s recent call for the formation of a judi­cial commission to probe the vi­olent protests of May 9.

“I call upon the Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan (Jus­tice Qaez Faiz Isa) to form [a ju­dicial commission] and see who are the beneficiaries [of May 9 incidents],” said Bilawal in his fi­ery speech repeatedly interrupt­ed by opposition members with their slogans.

He said, “It is not possible that someone attacks our institu­tions and the memorials of our martyrs and we forget it.”

He further said there is a need to address the issues. “We ap­peal to the prime minister to forma judicial commission,” he said, adding that he will call for the punishment [of those prov­en guilty] and also will advocate for the release [of those who are innocent]. He congratulated the newly elected chief ministers of all four provinces and high­lighted the need for them to play their role to save Pakistan’s de­mocracy. “The people of Paki­stan are tired of poverty, unem­ployment and inflation...We did not get votes to come here and abuse each other,” he said and passed harsh word that aggra­vated the situation. However, he later asked the chair to expunge his words from the part of the proceedings.

About the Cipher case, he questioned, had Imran Khan himself not accepted it on televi­sion that he lost his copy. He said Imran Khan himself admitted that he lost a confidential, na­tional security document of the Government of Pakistan, which is encrypted. “The enemy of Pa­kistan can crack the code of the country, and break into all the other ciphers as then PM of Pa­kistan, Imran Khan was privy to this,” he said.

Former speaker PTI-backed lawmaker Asad Qaiser in his speech said their party mem­bers and leader Imran Khan would never bow down.

“I want to make this clear; that time of fear has passed. We have come out of all situations head strong,” he said demanding the Supreme Court to constitute a judicial commission on the ci­pher controversy, which is at the heart of the PTI’s allegation of foreign involvement in the par­ty’s ouster. “Our party’s stance on it is clear; that the Supreme Court constitute a judicial com­mission,” he said, adding that the cipher was used as the basis of Imran’s conviction and subse­quent punishment.

Qaiser said that a judicial com­mission should be formed to probe the allegations of rigging in the Feb 8 polls. “We will bring everyone together for the Con­stitution’s supremacy, for an in­dependent judiciary, for civilian supremacy,” he said. 

Asad Qaiser called for the need to implement quota allocated for the Federally Administered Trib­al Area (FATA) which promised three percent share in the Nation­al Finance Commission Award (NFC) award. PTI Chairman Go­har Ali Khan termed the PM’s election a “sad day for democ­racy”. “None of us imagined that such a person would be elect­ed, that the switch of Pakistan’s atomic power would be handed over to someone who does not have a public mandate,” he said. Gohar further alleged that Bilaw­al had “buried” his grandfather’s politics and assailed the PPP and the PML-N for “dynasty politics”. “It was Imran Khan who brought an end to dynasty politics in the country,” he added.

Gohar stated that his par­ty would play the role of con­structive opposition in the National Assembly, offering re­sponsible criticism and posi­tive contributions to the coun­try’s governance.

He reiterated PTI’s commit­ment to supporting the nation’s defense efforts. He emphasized the party’s unity with the rest of the country to safeguard its in­terests and security.

MQM-P’s Khalid Maqbool Sid­diqui, on his turn, appreciat­ed the opposition for becoming part of the democratic process. He said a parliamentary com­mittee should be formed to ad­dress the complaints.

He said, “I would suggest the Prime Minister to constitute a parliamentary committee to probe rigging allegations in the recently held general elections.”

Khalid Maqool said that his party has always supported Pa­kistan’s interests over personal interests. He congratulated the people for participating in elec­tion, members of the National Assembly, the Speaker and Dep­uty Speaker, and the Prime Min­ister for their election.

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