Dutch hockey team’s visit strengthens cultural ties with Pakistan: Kh Junaid 

LAHORE  -   Former Olympian Khawaja Junaid, Chairman of Khawa­ja Junaid Hockey Academy, thanked the OHC Bully team, Dutch Embassy in Islam­abad, Punjab Police, HEC, and other stakeholders, for their pivotal roles in mak­ing the Friendship Hockey Series a resounding success. “Over these past few weeks, we’ve had the distinct plea­sure of welcoming OHC Bully to Lahore and Islam­abad, showcasing the rich tapestry of Pakistani culture and our shared passion for hockey,” said Kh Junaid. He emphasized the warmth and hospitality extended by Pakistanis, which left an indelible mark on the visi­tors. The Dutch delegation’s journey through Pakistan was as enriching as it was enlightening. In Lahore, they delved into the city’s historic essence, visited Sialkot’s re­nowned sports manufactur­ers, and were captivated by the patriotic fervor at the Wahga Border. “The beauty, talent, and bravery of Paki­stan were truly awe-inspir­ing,” remarked a member of the OHC Bully team. Their itinerary also featured three friendly matches against Pakistan’s HEC talent team. These encounters, which the Dutch team won, proved to be a fertile ground for mu­tual learning, allowing both teams to exchange tech­niques and strategies. In Is­lamabad, the team explored the modern face of Pakistan, further broadening their un­derstanding of the country’s diversity. A dinner hosted by HEC chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad became the setting for a poignant cultural ex­change, where Dutch and Pakistani players bonded over songs, solidifying friendships that transcend­ed borders. Reflecting on the visit, Kh Junaid said: “This journey was more than just about hockey; it was a cel­ebration of the ties that bind us, demonstrating the im­mense potential of sports di­plomacy in bridging cultural divides. “As we bid farewell to our Dutch friends, we’re reminded of the incredible power of sports in uniting people. We look forward to nurturing these bonds and continuing our shared jour­ney towards cultural under­standing and respect,” con­cluded Junaid. 

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