PPAF, NCSW celebrate International Women’s Day

ISLAMABAD  -  The Pakistan Poverty Alle­viation Fund (PPAF), in col­laboration with the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), the Minis­try of National Heritage and Culture Division, the Min­istry of Human Rights, and the Punjab Government, or­ganized a National Women’s Conference on Economic Empowerment in Islam­abad to mark International Women’s Day. The confer­ence emphasized investing in women’s potential and recognizing their invalu­able contributions to society and sustainable economic growth. A notable highlight was the presentation of the annual PPAF Amtul Raqeeb Awards to female commu­nity leaders from margin­alized areas nationwide, celebrating their resilience and inspirational leadership within their communities.

Additionally, four special accolades were granted to outstanding individuals for their exceptional commit­ment and innovation, setting the stage for further prog­ress and excellence in their respective fields. The event drew representatives from government institutions, the donor and diplomatic com­munity, academia, civil soci­ety, and students. During the welcome address, Nadir Gul Barech, CEO of PPAF, under­scored the essential link be­tween gender equality and sustainable development goals. He highlighted wom­en and girls’ central role in PPAF’s initiatives, empha­sizing the significant impact of empowering women on their lives and communities. 

Barech detailed PPAF’s ef­forts in enhancing women’s access to financial resourc­es, providing assets, inter­est-free loans, and technical and financial training to re­duce poverty and promote inclusion. Nilofar Bakhtiar, Chairperson of NCSW and the chief guest, stressed the importance of inspiring a new generation of women to pursue their dreams by equipping them with nec­essary skills. Bakhtiar envi­sioned the event as a bea­con of optimism, signaling a shift towards a future where women lead Pakistan’s nar­rative of development and prosperity.

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