ABHI and Decibel join hands  

LAHORE -ABHI, an embedded finance company, has announced its partnership with Decibel, a global provider of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solutions. This collaboration brings together ABHI’s cutting-edge earned wage access technology with Decibel’s HRMS expertise, creating a powerful solution that financially empowers employees with convenient access to their earned wages. ABHI is a forward-thinking Earned Wage Access provider that enables employees to access their earned wages in real-time, helping them manage their finances and avoid financial stress. AbhiSalary allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their scheduled payday, providing them with greater financial flexibility and control. Decibel is the largest HRMS Cloud in Pakistan, offering a comprehensive range of HR management tools and services to businesses of all sizes. Decibel’s expertise in HRMS solutions includes talent management, attendance and leaves management, benefits administration, payroll and tax compliance, and more. The partnership between ABHI and Decibel brings together ABHI’s earned wage access solution with Decibel’s HRMS capabilities, creating a seamless and efficient way for employers to offer earned wage access to their employees. Through this collaboration, employees can access their earned wages when they need it the most, to pay for unexpected expenses or invest in opportunities, thus reducing financial stress and promoting financial wellness.

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