If a customer asked you what’s the most suitable foundation tone for them, how would you help?

Always get one shade lighter than your skin tone as after contouring, it highlights the face more.

Imagine a customer asks you for a makeup style that is unsuitable for them. How do you handle such a situation?

You can never say no to your customer. Im a MUA and for them a magician, so I’ll make sure what they want looks flawless on them that’s what best MUAs do.

If you had to choose makeup according to lighting, how would you go about it?

Never do a heavy makeup in the daylight, always go with a glossy look or even matte -but soft matte instead of heavy.

Fun fact about you?

It’s really hard for me to not give a wide cheesy smile in pictures, I just cannot give a normal smile I always have to be extra happy.

Any advice on makeup.

There is a tip for everyone, always apply any oil available on the areas like your cheekbones, nose, eyebrow bone before applying the highlighter, your highlighter will last all day long without a smudge.

Tell us about yourself where have you learned makeup from.

I completed my schooling from Beaconhouse and then opted to go for BSc Economics from BNU. I’m in my third year now. I gained interest in makeup at a very young age while observing my sisters doing their everyday makeup for university, dinners and weddings. As I am the youngest in my family, looking at my elder sisters fascinated me a lot to be a grown up and do makeovers on myself and on them as well.

Giving makeovers first started with my sisters, then my own friends and ended up giving makeovers to even my mother’s friends. I love doing makeovers! I’m a makeup enthusiast. I learned makeup myself at first, kept learning from my mistakes, went on watching tutorials, attending makeup classes and thus it all helped me master those skills.

With my studies achieving my dream of becoming a MUA seemed impossible at first but the love I have for makeup made me realise it’s not a job but an opportunity for me to actually explore myself at a young age.

Opening the gates of my own studio for people was a huge decision for me, but all the loving supportive remarks on my makeovers gave me courage and confidence to make a place as a dedicated MUA.